Important Legal Information

Our Registration

Welfare Scotland is a not for profit organisation registered by the Registrar of Companies for Scotland as a company limited by guarantee (LBG) under the terms of the Companies Act 2006. Our company registration number is SC574987 and you can view our company information here.

Trading Style

Welfare Scotland Limited uses the trading style 'Welfare Scotland' and when we refer to 'Welfare Scotland' and 'the organisation' we are referring to the entity officially registered under the Companies Act 2006 as Welfare Scotland Limited.

Our Management

Throughout the Welfare Scotland website we refer to the Executive Council and Guarantors. The Executive Council is the management board of the organisation. Members on the Executive Council are all directors of the organisation and guarantors of Welfare Scotland. Under the terms of our founding guarantee; guarantor's each have a £1 personal liability in the event of the company winding-up.

Secure Emails

Due to the nature of our work we do send secure email messages and if you receive one of these it will be locked and a password will be required to open it, read it and make any reply. We will send the relevant password to you using SMS, telephone or any other previously agreed medium (excluding email) to ensure sensitive information is protected. These secure emails will come from an email address or in the case of emails sent to police, government or we will use [email protected] (this email address only accepts email from government users connected to the GSI, GSX, PNN or

Address For Service

Our address for the service and receipt of official documents:

Suite 11
115 Carstairs Street
G40 4JQ

Please do not add to our costs or work by sending us unsolicited marketing and sales literature.

Data Protection Act

Welfare Scotland is covered by an exemption on the requirement for data controllers to register with the Information Commissioner. While we aren't required to register, we do still take the safety of your data seriously and we take significant steps to ensure it is protected at all times.

Persons With Significant Control

There is no registrable person or registrable relevant legal entity in relation to the company.